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XMediusFAX Connector

XMediux Fax Connector - Document Management
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XMediusFAX Connector Data Sheet

Designed To Simplify Document Faxing

XMediusFAX Connector is a Kyocera Business Application designed to simplify document faxing, and scanning from a network connected Kyocera HyPAS-enabled MFP to an XMediusFAX on-premise server. The XMediusFAX Connector enables users to choose fax destination, coversheets, and account codes that exist on an existing XMediusFAX installation.

How it works

User will approach the Kyocera MFP and press the XMediusFAX Connector icon to open the application. When the user signs into using their XMedius login info, the XMedius Connector application will retrieve information such as fax cover sheets, recipient information, etc., from an XMedius on-premise server. The user would choose recipient(s), the fax cover sheet, and perform a scan as usual. The XMediusFAX Connector application will then upload the scan to an XMediusFAX on-premise server.

  • Pull recipient information directly from the XMedius server
  • Send to individuals, groups, or add new contacts directory on the MFP panel
  • Easy authentication: Card swipe, Single sign on with third-party authentication solutions
  • No server middle-ware necessary
  • Improved efficiency as users don’t have to enter usernames and passwords
  • Strong security:
    1. Fax sent on behalf of logged-in user; rules and restrictions are applied.
    2. Audit trail of sent faxes available, similar to faxing from XMedius client.